About Us

We believe that life should be lived in full bloom ~ no matter the season.

That inspiration can be found everywhere,

Creativity is a gift to be nurtured and shared.

Here at Tinker & Delight, there will always be products in our shoppes

that bring a smile, amuse and delight you.

Some of our products are little luxuries, bubbles for your bath, enchanting soaps and lotions.

Candles that are made from only the highest quality materials, Pajamas, socks and slippers that feel like a dream, and beautiful bedding that make getting out of bed, a little difficult! Cozy, Comfortable and indulgent.

We also carry super fun and even gorgeous stationary, journals and cards.

We will try to carry our favorites and best selling wares here for you. If you get a chance, we would love to have you visit us here in Tipton!